❤ Match

She was a woman, seeking a man
This woman’s name: Kristina Anne

Though pretty and sweet
One thing interfered
She lived in Portland
Where they “keep it weird”

In love with her cats & living at home
Close with her family & far from alone

You’d think she’d be snatched
Twenty-eight year old catch
Oh, she was makin’ love
…Per dozen/batch

Cakes to cookies
The best: Oatmeal Raisin
Organic and Scrummy
This baketress’ amazin’

But, enough about sweets
Let’s get to the heart
Good life, having fun
…Yet, she missed one part

So, one day it came
She opened within
Sparked by her mom
A.K.A. her best friend

Kristi took all her sweets
She gave it a whirl
Giving some guy a chance…
…To meet a great girl

This girl is the best
My best friend since first grade
This girl stood beside me
While others would fade

She has some sass -yes
Some stubbornness, too
But, this girl’s got a heart
And -boy, it has grew

Kristi was prissy
That was true from the start
But, it was pure luck…
…In that we’d never part

Because this Miss Priss
She grew, and she grew
And, if you’re not me
You (might) haven’t a clue

Oftentimes, people…
They need hardships to grow
Sometimes, we go through things
No one will know

And, from the outside
You see she’s been blessed
She’s lucky, she’s loved
I can truly confess

Kristi’s mom (her twin):
Pam’s always beamed brightly
Then, Ken plus Justin
Sweet & cute
Quite precisely

Cats upon cats
I admit there’s a lot
Yet, Ken obliges
Cause he knows what he’s got

This family…
They’re such a great piece of my heart
I get they’re surreal
I’ve known from the start

For, how lucky are they
They stand side by side
They live life so well
They love while alive

While saying this,
I’ll go back to the bit
How should one grow
Without going through $hit

And, while nothing is perfect
I dare to say
This friend of mine’s grown
In most every way

Increasingly aware
Showing her heart
And wouldn’t ya know
Here comes the best part…

If one met such a girl
It’d be wrong to deny
And if one were smart
He’d give his greatest try

. . . . .

“His name is Roshan”
“…It rhymes with ocean”
Oh nice & that’s swell
But of course, truth I’ll tell…

I was a slight skeptic
She’s my Love Sister
Too many douche bags
They left & shall miss her

But, this Roshan -“Ro”
He kept sticking around
Each time I’d see him
So solemnly sound…

“I love her, I do, I just want you to know”

Wouldn’t you know it
I’m well used to a “show”

Yet . . . again and again
Ro laid it on thick
I couldn’t help think…
“Is this some sort of shtick”

The guy was relentless
Yet now I can say
Might you be my “Love Brother”
On this wedding day

I want to say thanks
Thanks for being so smart
Thank you for your choice
…To take care of her heart

And, last but not least
I would like to attach…
Many thanks, dot-com
Specifically, Match

match (noun)
1. a person or thing that equals or
resembles another in some respect.
2. a person or thing able to cope with
another as an equal: to meet one’s match.
3. a person or thing that is an exact counterpart of another.

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