Jenna Cooper

I love to find the colors in what appears to be black & white. One of my greatest passions regards the vision I see & the perspective I have -the desire to live life & the will to do so, less blindly.

After graduating college, with a degree in psychology and a minor in journalism, I moved to LA to become an actress and begin a great adventure -all while escaping the ever-flowing Portland rain. I studied the Meisner Technique for two years, graduating from the Baron Brown Studio.

It didn’t take too long before I fell in absolute love . . . with the City of Angels. Within five years, I experienced so much joy & heartache, along with many of the colors that fall outside & in-between.

Five years & 15 months ago, I opened a really large, fresh notebook that I’d purchased on a whim, & I wrote a letter. And, that letter led to other letters -all within words that came from my heart, which I’d been unable to hear for quite a while. One entirely-filled notebook & however-many-years later, I’m still dreamy. And, I continue to write.

I couldn’t help but continue to follow my heart, which slowly but surely led me back to where I had found it. Oddly enough, that was in the City of Raindrops on Roses -a place that I’d once left, without any intention to return. In my heart, I do believe all roads lead you “home.” Likewise, one thing I’ve grown to see is that the meaning behind, definition of, and feelings from a word -such as ‘home’- can wholeheartedly change. Home is not always a place.

Overall, I am (sort of) smitten with the act of communicating. Through communication -if you’re open, you’ll find


I’m Jenna, & this site is where I’ll place some of my daydreams, once they’ve melted into thoughts & solidified as words. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by, & I’d love for you to stick around . . . be a part of my dream.