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If your girl is good at the four-letter word, her past is probably linked to the movie biz. It’s not to say that she’s stolen her wisdom from the big screen. Instead, she’s simply received a lot of feel-good moments by herself, which has enabled her imagination to picture the very best, especially when it comes to the four-letter word. With that said, you might want to learn a thing or two, yourself. Better yet, you might want to put forth some effort & make your girl happy by watching some of her favorite four-letter word movies.

Here are five of the best four-letter word (i.e., LOVE) movies that a guy must watch. If you give these movies a chance, you’ll realize how effortless it was.

1. Jerry Maguire

This may very well be the greatest chick flick for a guy. The movie is centered around Jerry Maguire (i.e., Tom Cruise), a sports agent who is: passionate & devoted to career success; a lover of sports, especially the NFL; and, in search of fulfilment, although unaware of that which will fulfill. In one way or another, most guys are easily able to relate with Maguire.

Although the movie’s mainly focused on Jerry & his life struggles, many women are captivated by this supposed “chick flick.” Thanks to Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden, combined with the ultimate happy ending (Maguire realizes what fulfills him), a girl will happily sit through this movie, although it’s practically made for men.

2. Serendipity

Most men seem to enjoy a movie starring John Cusack; perhaps this is due to Cusack’s personality and demeanor. Cusack is a guy’s guy; his character is genuine, laid-back, approachable, & funny. The other lead role is played by Kate Beckinsale, who is also approachable & genuine, despite the fact that she’s also a natural beauty. Together, this duo creates a very cute, comical story that surrounds one of life’s greatest questions: Is there such a thing as ‘destiny?’

While Cusack and Beckinsale make the perfect pair, a guy will also enjoy the supporting roles played by Jeremy Piven (everyone’s favorite Hollywood agent from HBO’s Entourage series), Molly Shannon (an actress and comedian, best known for her six seasons on Saturday Night Live), and Eugene Levy (a well-known comedic actor who’s appeared in over forty motion pictures). Clearly, this movie’s bound to make you laugh a little.

3. When Harry Met Sally

It doesn’t matter what sex you are; this is a classic, must-see movie. Sally (played by the beautiful Meg Ryan) and Harry (played by the sarcastic yet lovable Billy Crystal) meet, they share a few days with each other, thereafter parting ways without any thought (or desire) of seeing one another again. Eventually, fate brings them back together; and, for whatever reason, the timing is ‘right,’ for they’re finally able to start a friendship.

As the movie continues, Harry and Sally become best friends; better yet, the story provides a visual of what it’s like to have a best friend who’s of the opposite sex (i.e., the differences between men & women). This movie is often referenced when questioning whether men and women can be (just) friends. Overall, the movie may provide some inspiration for those who’d like to have faith in the divine timing of things. The moral of When Harry Met Sally: No matter what happens, if it’s meant to be, you’ll meet again . . . when the timing is right.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This is a fun, light-hearted movie that’s equally enjoyable for men and women. The story is centered around that which is known as “playing the game.” In the world of relationships, each person must choose whether or not to care about what is and isn’t recommended, once you begin dating someone. In other words, you can do exactly as you please, therefore behaving however you’d like; or, you can take the advise of others, as well as society, and try to set limits in the hopes of receiving a certain outcome.

Kate Hudson plays the role of Andie Anderson, a writer for “Composure” Magazine. Throughout the movie, Andie writes an article on the certain behaviors and actions that will send a guy running for the hills. In order to write the article, she decides to date someone new (i.e., Benjamin Barry, played by Matthew McConaughey) while doing all of the forbidden behaviors. Hudson is adorably sweet & funny, and McConaughey is the perfect guy’s guy.

5. The Switch

The Switch is quite possibly the greatest romantic comedy of all time, and it would be a shame to identify it as a chick flick because it’s too wonderful to miss out on. This movie is a modern-day version of When Harry Met Sally, for it’s centered around a man & women who are best friends. Similarly, their lives are torn apart and brought together, thus symbolizing the timing of life. The main difference between the two movies is the leading male role; while both men take time to realize their true feelings, their personalities and behavior are quite different.

Jason Bateman plays the role of Wally, a guy that’s entirely lovable and respectful towards his best friend, Kassie (played by Jennifer Aniston). This movie is quite modern, for it surrounds Kassie’s decision to get pregnant by artificial insemination. Additionally, there’s a lot of humor within the movie (e.g., she has a party to celebrate her future pregnancy, sending out invitations that contain sperm-shaped confetti). Although Kassie chooses the sperm donor, the surprise that takes place is humorous & heart-melting. Additionally, the movie introduces child actor Thomas Robinson, a little guy who will leave you smiling.

All in all, a movie may be deemed a “chick flick,” but why should you limit yourself, conforming to the stereotypical mindset that a movie entailing love is a movie made for women. If you’re an open-minded man, there’s a good chance that you’ll love a lot of the same movies that your partner loves. Moreover, the more open-minded you are, the greater the chance that you’ll be in an amazing relationship. With that said, enjoy these movies, and remember the truth: all people need a little love in life.

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