Written for my former blog, “Sweetly Surprised”

Right after graduating in Home Economics from Texas Tech University, Sally began working as an assistant dietician at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, Cliff was completing his medical residency, in his rotation through the same hospital.

Gradually, they began to notice one another, occasionally looking at each other.

“I thought he was really cute, with a great smile -very handsome,” says Sally.

Although she was smitten, each time she’d see him, she didn’t expect him to ask her out; but, deep down, she secretly hoped that he would. And, luckily, that day came.

During a normal, average day, Sally and Cliff found themselves, alone, in an elevator. Within that very short spot in time, Cliff made sure to ask her out for a drink. After their first date, they saw each other every day. Because sometimes, you just know…

. . . . .

During this past weekend, on October 22nd, I was blessed to attend my cousin’s wedding in Horshoebay, Texas –near Austin. It was a beautiful wedding and reception. And, it was a reminder of what true love is –it is the greatest gift of all, the Sweetest Surprise.

Two years ago on October 22nd, my cousin (Channing) headed over to Antone’s, a bar in Austin. Her neighbor was holding a fundraiser there; yet, Channing didn’t know her neighbor well, nor could she find someone to go with her. The only reason she decided to go was because of a feeling. She felt like she really needed to be there.

Through the years, Channing had her share of unsuccessful dates and relationships; thus, she was in a space in time at which she was not looking for someone. And, as life should have it, Roy spotted Channing from across the room.

Roy wanted to buy her a drink, and she politely declined. Nevertheless, he insisted that he would just like to buy her a drink. So, she said okay. And, the rest is history.

Congratulations to Channing & Roy. Love to you, both.

As this weekend came to a close, we decided to stop by my great uncle’s, before making our way back to Dallas. As we sat in his living room, I randomly began asking him a few questions about my family.

“Do you remember how Momma Anne (Annie, my grandmother) & Daddy Doc (James, my grandfather) met,” I asked.

“Well,” he began, “Joy and Zane used to come out to our house, a lot, with Annie. And, that’s where Doc came in.”

“So, when he met her, was it like a ‘done deal,’” I asked.

“Pretty damn close,” he said. “She was goin’ with a guy from Greenville that I was crazy about, and we used to hunt together. But, my mother did not like him.”

A little bit later, I decided to ask Uncle June about how he’d met my great aunt (Aunt Dorothy).

“I met her at a party, at Sulphur Springs. I was out at a late party that night. I think it was maybe July of 42′,” he said. “And, when I saw her, I told myself, ‘I’m going to marry you.’”

Immediately in response, the room was filled with a bunch of “awws.”

“Four months later, we were married,” he said. “It was the most expensive wedding on earth: $2.50 for a marriage liscense, $5.00 to the preacher. Seven dollars and 50 cents.”

“So, when you thought that,” I said (referring to his instant feeling, after having seen her), “was it just like . . . a feeling inside of you?”

And, ever so simply, he said, “I just fell in love with her.”

After a small moment of silence, my mom asked whether Aunt Dorothy loved him, right off the bat. Uncle June laughed a little, as he said, “That’s debatable.”

“I’m wondering if she said, ‘Bill Rainy, I’m not sure about you, yet,’” my mom said, smiling. “But, I guess if she married you in four months, she was pretty sure.”

“I think she was,” Uncle June replied. “She agreed to it.”

He continued: “Flagpole Hill -that’s where I proposed to her, where she accepted. She was workin’ for Goodyear, and I was flyin’ out of Love Field. And, that’s where it happened.”

“Did you plan it, or was it just spur of the moment,” I asked.

And, as if it wasn’t already a perfect love story, he said: “Oh, I had that in mind from the moment I saw her.”

We all continued to visit for a little while longer; Uncle June asked about my brother’s whereabouts, and we filled him in on that. It was almost time to leave, and everyone started to get ready for the road ahead of us. Before I got up from the couch, Uncle June caught me off guard with a statement.

“I’m surprised you haven’t hit home base before now,” he said.

“Hmm,” I questioned, for I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“I’m surprised you’re single, as of now,” he said.

“Single, single,” I said, light-heartedly.

After a second of silence, Uncle June began to reply with reassuring words. But, he didn’t need to.

“I thought I met the right person,” I said, sincerely.

After explaining my thoughts in a sentence, there were a few more seconds of silence. And, then he replied with a question, in the most genuine, serious manner.

“Is he really a sweet boy,” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

And, his response was so seemingly simple: “Then go find him.”

We just smiled. And, then it was time to go.

All in all, within each love story, there’s a similarity. No matter the people, nor the circumstances in which things occur, within a ‘love’ that is destined to be -there seems to be a hint of certainty within each individual. It’s as if you don’t need much more than to meet & to have your first date.

It’s when you know, you know. And, perhaps that’s the sort of thing soulmates are made of, or the most simplest way of explaining it.

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