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I know what you’re thinking. I might as well make the title of this post, “Living Off of Lemonade: Tales from the crazies, & the Hollywood fads they follow, all while daydreaming in ‘La La Land.’” But, I hope you’ll allow yourself to have an open mind and continue reading.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Master Cleanse (a.k.a. lemonade diet). It’s that so-called detox where some silly person supposedly lives off lemonade & lemonade only. The lemonade is a concoction that consists of: water, grade b maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and freshly squeezed lemons.

Beyonce was such a person who did the Master Cleanse, apparently losing a good amount of weight for her role in Dream Girls. And, who are we kidding -Beyonce’s not the average person, therefore you might continue to question the legitimacy of a diet that sounds entirely abnormal. Why would the average Joe consider such an extreme idea?

‘Tis true, Joe might feel a little perplexed when considering a ten day streak in which he’s not allowed to eagerly wait in the longest of long lines for the ultimate double-double “animal style,” alongside “animal style” fries & a chocolate shake. And, can you really blame him? After all, he’s just your everyday Californian who’s had a rough day of auditions or band rehearsal. All he’s asking for is a little life happiness from In N Out.

While Joe’s situation is understandable, there’s a secret that Joe’s unaware of: the Master Cleanse isn’t for silly people, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Despite living off so little (when compared to the usual amount of food consumed each day), Joe would feel ten times greater than he ever does after the double-double. This might be hard to believe, but I’d look Joe in the eyes, cross my heart, kiss my elbow, and hope that he’d have the heart to trust me.

After completing the ten day Master Cleanse, I genuinely feel obligated to spread the word, for I’m not sure of a time (in the recent past) when I’ve felt as wonderful as I did throughout days three through ten of the cleanse. Like many, I had laughed at the idea, and I’d never have thought I’d be able to last one full day. But, once again, I surprised myself.

Not only was I easily able to live off six glasses of lemonade each day, but I drank the required sea salt water each morning; and, that was actually the greatest difficulty. To top it off, I had more energy each day, and I was easily able to workout on the days that I chose to do so.

All in all, if you’d like to feel better mentally and physically, if you need to recharge your batteries, then please consider doing the Master Cleanse. Is it tough at first? Yes. Do great things occur in life without effort? Sometimes. But, there are many beautiful things in life that require determination; and, even if the journey is difficult, crossing the finish line is unbelievably empowering. In the end, you’ll surely be sweetly surprised . . . by your own self.

My Recommendations:

Reading Material
The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. This little, yellow book is sold at Whole Foods for a mere $6.50.

Additional Notes

• If you think a friend or family member will be less thansupportive, avoid the negativity by keeping it on the DL (down-low). After you’ve completed the ten days, you’ll feel wonderful -that’s when you should tell them.

• Keep all of your receipts, just incase you occupy your hungry mind by using your credit card.

• If you feel awkward when buying the supplies because people are giving you the eye, you’re not alone. Kick the awkwardness to the curb, and remember you’re doing this for you.

• You are doing this to get rid of toxins, for your health. With that said, don’t expect to lose weight, don’t let that be the purpose, and don’t weigh yourself during the cleanse. If you lose weight, you’ll gain it all back, unless you decide to completely change your diet (e.g., you decide to live off of raw food).

• If you’re in need of support, Google the day that you’re on, and you’ll find forums or YouTube videos that will surely help.

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