When you live in la la land, it’s only natural that you’ll feel inclined to take the two-hour road trip to San Diego. However, there are times in life when things do not occur as quickly as you’d think.

For whatever reason, it could take you over three whole years to venture down to “America’s Finest City.” Not only that, but the customary two-hour drive might take you five; this would include a couple Coke stops, one trip to Starbucks, and the break you’d take on the side of the highway, after being pulled over for expired tags.

Sometimes, if not always, what occurs is linked to the divine timing of things. Perhaps your fate includes a three-year wait because the Universe will eventually bring your mom, as well your long-lost friend, to San Diego on the same exact weekend. With that said, the long-awaited excursion is well worth the wait.

During your mini vacay, in the midst of visiting your mother & friend, there’s some time you’ll spend on your own, as you apply for the dreamiest of dreamy jobs.

Although you finish answering each & every question, achieving the midnight (EST) deadline would have changed your entire life, for you’d have had to pack up a U-Haul for the fifth glorious time, traveling 3,000 miles to the “City that Never Sleeps,” where you’d greet Robin Roberts and whoever else hosts Good Morning America.

Nevertheless, you didn’t achieve the deadline because a “part-time mini van mom” was destined to be GMA’s Advice Guru, and the Universe protects what is destined. And in all honesty, God only knows you’d probably have turned into a delirious, full-blown insomniac; after all, you defriended Mr. Nighttime long ago.

Even though you’d love to consistently live and dream in daylight, you’d never wish the moon away, for y’all fell in love in 2010.

Sometimes, things are meant to be even if they bring about an outcome that differs from the one you had pictured. Moreover, sometimes the only outcome received is the aftermath (i.e., what you presently feel, regarding the feelings you’d had before, during the time in which you had pictured an outcome that ceased to occur).

Happily, what occurred while applying for the job was total bliss. Similarly, the aftermath has been filled with an effervescent glow within your heart, of nothing but absolute love for the place that you discovered and experienced, during the time in which you unknowingly attempted to steal the part-time-mini-van mom’s fate. The place you discovered in San Diego was a coffee house, known by the name “The Living Room.”

Tucked away alongside the ocean, in the divine little area of La Jolla, The Living Room awaits each person who would like to fall in love with life. This is the coffee house of all coffee houses. Why? Well, consider how you’d feel if you visited a coffee house that offered: free Wi-Fi; delicious, yet affordable meals and snacks; coffee, tea, and -oh yeah, beer & wine; late hours of operation; an excellent location; and, a spectacularly perfect vibe.

After going to The Living Room, I’ve hoped to discover a place that’s just as blissful in Los Angeles (where I reside) or Portland (my hometown). If you happen to know of a place, please share the joy. Until then, I’ll remember where I left my heart -and, oddly enough, it’s in the living room.

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