Someone once said, “The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” This quote is simply beautiful. While there is truth within this statement, it is missing one word. To be entirely true, it should read, “The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, unconditionally.”

The truest form of love that one can experience is unconditional. Giving unconditional love means loving someone wholeheartedly, despite faults, flaws, arguments, and hardships experienced. In other words, when one wakes up in the morning, everything is okay no matter what has previously happened. While it is challenging to give and receive this type of love, both parties will benefit from it.

In order to give and receive unconditional love, one must be willing to forgive the other at any given point, even if it is extremely difficult. Buddha once said, “To understand everything is to forgive everything.” And, Buddha is correct. Unconditional love can be given by open-minded individuals and those who are willing to bare through the pain. Enduring pain is the only way to become strong. Those who are strong will benefit in the long run by having endured the experience that it takes in order to know how to give unconditional love.

When loving anyone, pain occurs for each individual due to many reasons; it’s only natural. Pain received while giving unconditional love is entirely different than pain received while giving love; unconditional love is not the same as love. It is easy for others to take advantage of a love that perseveres. He or she becomes accustomed to receiving ongoing forgiveness, increasing his or her ability to behave in any way without consideration. While one would hope that another would only respond graciously for having received a love with no abound, unconditional love is often taken for granted.

During times when a person takes unconditional love for granted, the person on the opposite end is placed in a very tough situation. He or she has already chosen to commit to the other and forgive wrongdoings; after all, everyone does make mistakes. Nevertheless, outsiders often see those who continuously forgive as individuals with low self-confidence. Many people say, “Three strikes, and you’re out of my life.” And, sometimes, it may only take one strike. These individuals feel confident and proud because they refuse to be given less than they deserve. Indeed, it is beneficial to reflect upon the advise that is commonly given: teach others how to treat you. On the other hand, there are a lot of moments in life in which others genuinely make mistakes or are unaware of what the other persons expectations are.

All people have flaws and moments of insecurity during difficult times throughout life; and during these moments, one may not be capable of loving another to the best of his or her ability. It is important to consider this when having the desire to give unconditional love because one must constantly try and stay aware of the fact that everyone struggles at different points. When someone is unable to love to the best of his or her ability, giving unconditional love is the best that one can do for this individual. If true love exists within the relationship, it is not sensible to throw in the towel due to being treated less than perfect at a certain point in time. Love is not perfect and neither are human beings.

Although people aren’t perfect, there are many aspects to consider if someone wants to be or is already in a healthy relationship. It is important to continuously work on loving oneself and to try and feel increasingly comfortable in your own skin, physically and emotionally. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to accept and receive love from others. It will most likely be difficult to have love in your life if you do not love yourself at a healthy level. You’ll most likely find it challenging to receive love from another person without initially understanding why you’re somebody to love.

Loving oneself is a continuous battle each person must strive to achieve. The most important aspect about this process is for both parties to be aware of the battle while having the desire to grow, learn, and reach the next level of success, individually and mutually. Change is inevitable in life; therefore, a successful relationship must consist of two people who grow and change, individually, while also growing together. It is important for each person to accept change and see it in a positive light.

During times of change, or through stagnant periods, some fights and arguments will occur in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, a relationship may need to take a few steps back in order to take the right step forward. Certain aspects of love are easy, and others are not. Everyone has their own feelings and confidence pertaining to different areas of life; and, in return, people experience different road blocks at varying points. The benefit of being in a relationship that consists of unconditional love is knowing that you will always have someone who supports you during any hardship you must face. If one has this support, it is important to have the desire to give the same support in return.

When one does not have the desire or ability to support someone in return, the outcome is harsh; thus, unconditional love is questioned by those who have either experienced the negatives or witnessed a loved one who’s been mistreated. Because of this, unconditional love is scarcely given. Although there are tremendous benefits that one receives when giving or receiving this type of love, fear is what binds people from biting the bullet. But, it is important to consider the ever so famous saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Another tried and true quote that is important to consider is, “Love is letting go of fear.” The truth about unconditional love is that the only way in which one can give and receive this love is by letting go of the fear, the fear that this love will not be received, returned, or treated well. The only real way to experience this love is by fully letting go of fear and making the decision to believe that everything will work out as it is meant to; you must have faith. Without taking the risk, one will miss out on the chance to achieve the greatest love he or she has ever experienced. Even if one does not receive the same love in return, he or she will witness the love within his or her own heart. Furthermore, the day you meet the love of your life, you’ll know what he or she deserves; and, better yet, you’ll know how to give just that.

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