Written for a “short story” contest

Peering out the window, she couldn’t help but sigh.

“Why must it always rain,” she questioned.

Naturally, her very own Jiminy Cricket (you know, the little voice inside) felt it necessary to reply.

“It’s raining outside your window, but the sun’s shining, somewhere. You just can’t see it,” the voice said.

The girl didn’t always listen; but, she felt gloomy.

“Yes, but I miss the light, warmth, and illumination,” she thought. “It’s only February.”

The voice was quick to respond.

“It’s almost spring,” the voice exclaimed.

Enveloped by a feeling tinged with begrudgery, she replied, “Spring is the season that makes no sense.”

The girl was never smitten by spring; in fact, she had reasons why “Spring’s a Tease.” It went a little bit like this: thou shalt not enjoy the sunshine, for it’ll leave; thou shalt still feel cold; and, thou shalt see many advertisements, acting as if spring is cute, made of pastels and all that’s holy.

“Perhaps you ought to take a closer look at spring,” said the voice.

And, the girl thought, “why not,” thus making a list of all the positives.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. It was the middle of March.

One day -the girl fell back onto her bed . . . with the sweetest smile upon her face. She’d met a boy -not just any boy- but, one she couldn’t recall having met, at least in this lifetime.

She ran through a list in her mind of things she loved: cold memories of the past having led her to this very moment; feeling all lit-up, everyday; withholding something new; love outweighing the mysteries that remained within life; having someone who met her half-way; moments they grew, together; and, good times that hadn’t happened, yet.

Suddenly, the girl heard a pitter-patter on the roof; rain began to pour, heavily.

“How perfect -I’ll embrace joy with springtime rain, alongside the list I’d made,” she thought.

Spring -if you please- is: the transition between winter and summer and the start of better days; the season the sun sets later (more light); rebirth, newness; various weather conditions, but the sun shines more; the vernal equinox, when the day meets the night, half-way; when seeds sprout and grow; and, the start of good times that haven’t happened yet . . . but will.

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