What is it you fear,
in something so real,
for true happiness,
I dare you to Feel.

What’s with the blindfold,
like a latch and hook,
for the best of views,
I dare you to Look.

Why is it you pause
while taking a gulp,
for needs from the heart,
I dare you, Emote.

Why curse past prayers,
deeming God unjust,
for the light to shine,
I dare you to Trust.

What’s with the level,
used to keep things square,
for blessings from thanks,
I dare you to Care.

Why don’t you want more
than such a small scope,
for the greatest things,
I dare you to Hope.

What’s with the distance
your sudden slow pace,
for companionship,
I dare you: Embrace.

Why care of their thoughts
when it doesn’t appeal,
for sake of your self,
I dare you, be Real.

Why act like pure ice,
to melt is to reap,
for magic you’ll find,
I dare you to Leap.

What’s in being numb,
fearing the impact,
for reasons unknown,
I dare you to Act.

Why not say, “I want,”
it fires the flame,
for what passion brings,
I dare you to Name.

What’s with your half grin,
Like some inner ploy,
for smiling more,
I dare you, Enjoy.

Not sure what you need,
but all in all,
I dare you to love,
I dare you: FAL(L).

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