There is something wrong Heli

Can’t figure it out

Too many tears fall

But what’s it about


All seems to be well

No reason to cry

So what do I fear

While not knowing why


Time’s before I’d thought

Sad of the back-end

That I would not write

For my closest friend


It’s not that I had

Poems to unfurl

But then that was when

A best friend’s a girl


The few guys I loved

They stirred up a lot

Enchanted by which

Something they had sought


They’d take all my words

A piece of my heart

And I’d know it’s wrong

Soon after the start


But with you, it’s true

You meet me half way

With movies at night

Yet miles away


So ‘why,’ I would think

Why can’t I just hold

The words for a friend

Who’s nothing but gold


A partner in crime

So caring and green

Inside of my heart

Despite space between


A soul that’s so nice

Humble with good taste

Aware and refined

Decidedly graced


The type you should want

I think that it’s so

And I’d wish to feel

Since I did not “know”


And I’ve always thought

You’ll know if it’s there

So I sought to see

Your level of care


Sort of thought you’d think

Then share how you feel

Allow me to see

And feel for the real


And just like life would

You’d surely convey

That you feel the same

With few words to say


The same meaning this

I am in your heart

Your catch being that

We’re too far apart


So it’s not as if

You said less than I

But knowing your choice

I began to cry


I cried lots of tears

Though could not explain

For I had not “known”

Thus how could I blame


But this thing in me

Showed out of the blue

I’d say ‘yeah, just friends’

Still hoping you “knew”


You knew of my worth

For I’m your best friend

That you’d save the plot

Give us a good end


But still I’m unsure

For I do not “know”

Yet I bring it up

Like I can’t let go


And here is the thing

Somewhat of a craze

There hadn’t been words

And now words for days


Days like I miss you

Or I’m feeling sad

So sorry for this

And please don’t be mad


There’s one single fact

I want what we’ve got

Which makes it absurd

That we’ve ever fought


And sometimes I think

Emotions in flight

What if what is wrong

It’s everything’s right

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