I tripped and fell into a hole
A holy never-ending ditch
And gravity, it took control
From high to low, I made the switch

And, it’s been hard, to face the climb
I’ve tried to start, yet slip once more
Frozen like ice, you’re stuck in time
A constant fight, your self’s at war

At times, I stop -dare to reflect
In shadows, I remember why
There was no love, such disrespect
And endless days of tears to cry

It’s in the past, you’re free at last
Why don’t you move & get back up
Never been one to move so fast
Yet thirsty with an empty cup

And, truth be told, you sort of know
An empty cup -he drained you dry
A poisoned soul darkened your glow
At times you wished that you’d just die

But, now it’s just the hole in you
A place you need to fill with light
And if you do, you’ll find it true
You’ve grown the wings to give you flight

So look inside, and I will, too
Things must be lost before they’re found
My bet is that you fell but grew
And soon you’ll hear a sweeter sound.

Written by admin