Out on a limb, like the limb of a tree
You open the door, for you have the key
A risky play, but you feel it’s your part
Wise men say ‘no,’ but you follow your heart

So naked -exposed, living in truth
You go back in time, return to your youth
Somewhat unsafe, but you try and believe
It happens so fast, it’s hard to perceive

Out on the line, like some letters in ink
You’re feeling so much, forgetting to think
Something so new, you can’t help but explore
In sailing the seas, you find there is more

It’s such a surprise, like you’ve just been shot
Showed up the same time, in the perfect spot
Seemed rather silly, but you didn’t mind
You chose to be strong and leave doubts behind

This sort of love, like the moon in the sky
Too good to be true, can’t let it pass by
Some may say: “You’re a fool. That’s rushing it.”
But they don’t know, for they haven’t been hit

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