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Seventh grade was a magical year. Although my mom was a little horrified by the changes that occurred, I was extremely smitten with all that I learned. This was the year that I became best friends with my first (of many) hippie best friend(s), although neither of us were aware of our hippie tendencies.

That year, I learned of astrology, horoscopes, & that I was a Leo. I realized my (forever) favorite color, “pale pink.” And, I received my first french kiss. Suffice it to say, it was a year of enlightenment, connection, and complete happiness. Finally, I was at an age in which I began to hear of real-life magic, of answers to life’s questions (or, at least an avenue in which to reach possible answers).

My best friend’s sister was double-the-hippie; and, there was a time when we sat inside her candle-lit room, as she pulled out her tarot cards to give us a reading. I was filled to the brim with excitement.

All of the lessons and events that occurred lit me up, inside. It’s not that I had never loved a fairytale; it’s that I was partial to finding the magic in what’s ‘real.’ Finally, I began to receive knowledge pertaining to various tools that (seemingly rare) individuals use, in order to make sense of that which is real -this life.

It’s like the scene, below, in the movie Fools Rush In. Sometimes, it’s a choice to believe that things happen for a reason; other times, it’s hardly a choice, for it’s so very obvious.

Once I ventured off to Los Angeles, the magic slowly began to flow back into my life (although I’m not sure why I lost it in the first place). And, it only continues to strengthen.

The more aware a person is, the greater the capability one has to see and feel truths. In order to receive & witness life’s amazement, you’ve got to allow yourself to be open to it.

Although I’ve grown increasingly closer to a feeling of connectedness with all that life encompasses, it’s a never-ending journey. And, it never hurts to engage with someone who might withhold possible truths that you’re unaware of. Better yet, it might help you see a “different light.”

Most recently, I decided to reconnect with a part of that which was thrilling in seventh grade -astrology. And, I was just as excited as I was back then, if not more.

My brother mentioned his friend, Aaron, during a conversation. Aaron’s mother, as well as their family friends, had gone to an astrologer; and, this astrologer was so wonderful that Aaron had decided he’d go see her. Instantly, I was captivated; and, within the next few days, I was part of Aaron’s plan.

This past Saturday, Aaron and I drove to Olympia, Washington to see Jeanette Dugan. I had always wanted to see a psychic (and, I finally went to one, this year, with a friend in LA), but I’d never heard much about astrologers. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As stated in an article written by Olympian staff writer, Vance Horne:  Her work is done largely on pieces of paper with big circles on them, and the circles are divided into twelve parts, or what is called houses or areas of life. Among other things, her computer tells where the planets stood according to house location when a person was born.

“A house is an area of life,” she says, pointing to a chart she has filled with pen work. “The first house is who you are, your physical body, your personality, how you relate with others. The second house has to do with one’s set of values, self esteem, self worth, and ways one can earn a living.

The whole thing is rather complicated but one simple fact is that ten planets can be in various places in these houses and influence one’s life depending upon where they are. The ten are the Sun, the Moon, and the usual nine planets minus Earth.

…”It has been through my study of Astrology that my relationship with God has become concrete. As I work with the chart patterns, God reveals himself to me, and that inspires me to do this work.”

“I conceive of Astrology as the science of determining the will of God for any individual. His meaning is there in the stars that He placed in the heavens, and the laws by which He orders their progress.” (Quote: Don Jacobs).

Aaron and I arrived early, as we were both really excited to have this experience. Our car ride was filled with laughs and discussions about the world, our own beliefs, as well as questions we each have.

Jeanette encourages each individual to arrive with a list of questions that you’d like to ask her -questions that pertain to anything about your life. At the start of the drive, Aaron flashed me with the couple of pages he had already filled with questions. I, on the other hand, felt a little overwhelmed with the thought of writing down questions, thus I waited to create my list during Aaron’s reading.

During our drive back to Portland, Aaron and I discussed what we’d learned, as well as the differences between our readings. It was all truly enlightening & a lot of fun.

We each received an hour and a half with Jeanette; it cost $75.00, each. During the reading, she not only talks about larger aspects in life, but she mentions small details, as well. For instance, she told Aaron to check the fluid in his car; and, she told me to check the breaks on my car. On our way home, we laughed about this; I had recently been informed that one of my break lights was out, and Aaron already knew that he has a power fluid steering leak…

I am very Sweetly Surprised by the insight I received from Jeanette, regarding my future. She’s a psychic, as well as an astrologer; she seems to combine the two. It was pretty amazing, and really exciting.

I’d recommend Jeanette to any & every person who’s interested. If you’d like to schedule a reading with her, she can be contacted at 360-491-3058. She began her work in 1975, thus she has many clients, & an appointment is necessary.

Be prepared to give her your full name, birthday, the city you were born in, and the exact time you were born.

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