It’s in the hands:
your hands, my hands.

You’re left, I’m right,
the light is white.

I know you know,
it’s how we flow.

It’s in the hands:
the hands of time.

That clock … tick tock,
my key, your lock.

Your eyes, my eyes,
sweetest surprise.

It’s in the hands:
in the firsthand.

You bring me home,
in peace, shalom.

We go way back,
it’s hard to track.

It’s in the hands:
of what’s at hand.

You’re scared, I see,
relax, it’s me.

Open your heart,
this is the start.

It’s in the hands:
the hand we’re dealt.

And, I’m scared, too.
But, it’s just you.

If we both fall,
we’ll have it all.

It’s in the hands:
so take my hand.

I’ll take yours, too,
waited for you.

Was meant to be,
someday, we’ll see.


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