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Her eyes began to fill with tears.  She fell upon her bed, hoping it would embrace her, cradling the sorrow from within.  But, why would a mattress and box spring be that sympathetic?  Nonetheless, she tried to nestle in, as her heart could sense the fury that was brewing in the other room.

Her life was based upon the word ‘believe.’  She chose to believe that anything was possible, during each new moment that she’d experience in life.  But, each time she believed in the unthinkable, she’d lose the bet.  Thereafter, her heart would ache at an undying rate.

On this particular night, before the tears, she noticed the glazed-over look on his face.  She knew him all too well; he was entering a world in which he could not feel love.  Although nothing of true importance had occurred, he was about to threaten to leave her.  Soon after, she would proclaim:  “It’s now or never.  This is your last chance.”

Like a million other nights, she’d cry because he’d continuously ridicule her.  Mocking the tears she’d cry, he’d say that he no longer liked her, looking at her with disgust.  Soon after, she would find herself lost in a moment at which she could not make sense of life; the person who she’d given her heart to had suddenly disappeared, yet again.

After the tirade, the boy would fall into a deep slumber; yet, almost always, his frozen heart would slowly begin to melt.  The next morning, he’d wake up, and she’d see the man she knew.  Deep down, they both grew to expect the same repeated occurrence.  His heart would return to hers; once it did, she’d take another leap of faith.  She always chose to believe that he would not hurt her, again; in order to forgive and forget, she had to have faith.

Undying heartache occurred because she could never reject the moments at which he chose to love her.  She loved him, unconditionally.  Ultimately, there was no last chance.

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