From Noah to Allie
When Harry Met Sally
Serendipity struck
Only to run amok

Blind faith in George Bailey
He’d pass Mary, daily
Daily time surely stings
When we’re earning our wings

There’s Kassie & Wally
And his hidden folly
Loving her all along
Feeling guilty & wrong

The cross of a section
Shaped from the connection
It’s the halving of wholes
In the sharing of souls

It’s the story of love
Like the shows, up above
When there’s truth in an act
Between fiction & fact

Doesn’t happen to all
Key’s in the wake-up call
In the parting of both
Leaving room for our growth

Nothing’s comparable
‘Goodbye’ feels terrible
This love that’s immense
Ceasing without a sense

Streaming won’t settle down
It’s amiss yet around
While we’re pushed to go on
Our hearts play the same song

There are times that time drags
Facing hags & douche bags
Dressing up in “what’s next”
Rhymes with ‘sex’ ‘wrecks’ & ‘eX’

Momentary thoughts come
“I thought you -you’re the one”
But, the clock ticks so slow
So, we try and let go

There are days in the haze
Like a mouse in a maze
Feeling lost & confused
It’s as if time’s abused

Just the same, we’ll both see
All we’re given -for free
This includes all the signs
Hidden in the fine lines

Oh, those Hollywood dreams
Politics and extremes
We both dreamt of gold
Yet, we don’t fit the mold

In real life, in the ‘now’
What will happen & how
Back then, we met fate
I named you, “Soulmate”

All those fish in the sea
Not for you, nor for me
Yet, we wait, wait alone
It feels far, far from home

Is there much to believe
Something up in God’s sleeve

There’s one thing I do know…
You, my Twin Soul.


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